Instant Pot Gumbo Instructions October 08 2017



Jambalaya Girl Gumbo in the Instant Pot! A lot of people have been asking me how to cook our products in this cooker and we finally gave it a try with our Mama's Gumbo recipe. 



1 - Cook Chicken & Sausage in Instant Pot on Saute Setting. 

2 - Add 4 cups water to Instant Pot. 

3 - In a separate bowl, whisk Gumbo Mix with remaining 2 cups water until

     Mix is dissolved.

4 - Add Gumbo mixture into Instant Pot, whisk to mix.

5 - Put lid on, set valve to Sealing. 

6 - Set to Soup Mode. 

7 - When Soup Mode is done, carefully turn valve to Venting for

      quick release.

8 - Shout "yum yum, come get you some!" Stir and serve or rice.

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