Jambalaya Girl Cooking Club


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YEARS OF SUPPORT! We love hearing from you and wanted to share a little lagniappe from NOLA. Cheers!
~ Kristen & the Preau family

How to Join the Jambalaya Girl Cooking Club:

  1. Buy one of Jambalaya Girl’s New Orleans food products.
  2. Cook it and enjoy it with family and friends.
  3. Take a “PROOF OF COOKING” photo or video. Be sure to include the cooked dish and yourself and/or your family and friends enjoying the dish  in the photo or video.
  4. Submit your photo or video and fill out the form via the link below.
  5. Once your submission has been confirmed, we will send you your official “Jambalaya Girl Cooking Club” honorable gift ----

Jambalaya Girl Magnet!