"Next To Eat" Breakfast Wrap January 15 2015


Recipe submitted by Chef Gary Netter of “Next To Eat” Restaurant, 3201 D'hemecourt St, New Orleans, LA 
You Will Need: 
1 tablespoon diced sausage
1 tablespoon diced peppers
1 egg
2oz. cooked “Cook Me Somethin’ Mister” Rice
1 6inch flour tortilla
Recommended Cook Top: Griddle or Non-Stick Pan 
1. Heat pan/griddle and add sausage, peppers and rice. Sauté till sausage is browned. 
2. Add egg and scramble with rice, sausage and peppers. 
3. Place all ingredients inside tortilla and fold to wrap. 
4. Serve with sour cream and salsa or hot sauce. 
A good Leftover dish! Use leftover jambalaya to substitute sausage and rice for a yummy next day meal.