"Finally used your product to make a killer jambalaya for Mother’s Day dinner. It was outrageous! Rest assured, I’ll be ordering more in the future." - Ross Klavans, Downingtown, PA 

"Your Jambalaya Mix is the best I've ever made and I'm a New Orleans born and raised girl. Made this for some dislocated NOLA people since Katrina and they ate it and enjoyed it till it was GONE. And that was the 20oz package. I thought I'd have leftovers, but NOOOOO." - Sandra Pardue, Marrero, LA

“This is the BEST jambalaya mix I’ve ever tried! I got this at Sam’s Club in Hoover when y’all were offering samples. I was skeptical since I’m a “coonass” and KNOW how to make jambalaya! But, being adventurous, I tasted it. Wow! The flavor is so rich, yet it is not too spicy for my wimpy Alabama friends and my Yankee hubby. I’m cooking what I have left today for my church Bunco group….and then, when I’m in Nawlins next week, I’m getting sum mo!! Thanks for making such a quality product. My big mouth is telling everyone about it!” – Kim Sorensen, Hoover, AL

“I've been served Jambalaya literally thousands of time in restaurants and at the home of family and friends (most were good), but NOTHING even remotely compares with your product. Each time I have served your product, people have literally raved about the quality and taste and most have said it was the best they have ever tasted including my 84 year old Father in Law who called it gourmet Jambalaya.” - Tom Marino, Madisonville, LA

"We cooked two of the party packs for my son’s baptism luncheon and it was GONE within 20 minutes.  My aunt (from Birmingham, AL) just emailed me and asked me where she could pick it up…it was a huge hit!  Thank you for a great product!" - John Barranco, New Orleans, LA 

"I've eaten and made many jambalaya recipes in my life and I have to admit that this one was right up there with the best of them. It's easy to be skeptical of a mix, but this one had the flavors right. Maybe part of it was Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning blended in--a fact advertized right on the label. I think another reason why it was so good is that unlike many mixes I've tried in the past, this particular one used vegetables large enough to see, bringing out a much richer flavor.”
-Rick Mansfield, CookingInCastIron.com

 "At our wedding, your jambalaya was the talk of the weekend.  Many of our guests tried food all over the city and unanimously agreed that your jambalaya was the best they had.” - Nate and Carrie

 "My Granddaughter came to visit and cooked the best Jambalaya I have tasted outside of New Orleans using your product." - Don, Edmond, OK

“Nancy the Transplanted girl from Long Island brought up the Jambalaya mix on her last visit home. I cooked it last weekend at a friend’s fishing contest. It was so good we stopped fishing, period.”
-Patrick Geier
“Hello… I met you guys in Hattiesburg Sat. night for USM vs Houston… the Jambalaya was fantastic… I’ll be checking in soon for some products.”
-Jeffrey O'Keefe
“Cook Me Somethin’ Mister is FABulous. I’m cooking me some for my Christmas family so I can say ‘Yum, yum! Come get you some.’”
-Barbara Rolek
“Getting ready to bust out some Jambalaya for the Who Dat Nation here in Atlanta…..Dirty Bird Gumbo as an appetizer…..Geaux Saints!”
-Bruce Lancaster
“Bird Man cooked us some at my friends wedding, I am sold! Can’t wait to make mine at home. YUM YUM!”
-Travis Arreaga

 “As an avid jambalaya eater, I have been searching for an authentic flavor with low sodium, no msg or preservatives. I have been tasting and testing newer local jambalaya brands and finally have come across a brand that knocks my socks off. Not a whole lot of spice, but a delicious hearty flavor. I can literally taste the hard work and dedication in every bite!” – Christy, That’s Art Tastic, Denham Springs, LA


Shout out from Hebron High Homecoming, Carrollton, TX - "Oh my goodness. 85 football players can eat! 10 gallon pot full to the brim and it was literally all gone in about 10 minutes! Everyone loved it."