Welcome to Seafood Season, Y'all! 

Jambalaya Girl has got your back in boosting your go-to seafood dishes with our easy-to-use Jambalaya and Gumbo mixes. Explore simple and delicious recipes for our most-loved seafood dishes today! ⚜️


“The Girl with the Fork Earrings!” New Orleans native Kristen Preau has been known as the “Jambalaya Girl” since she was a little girl. The daughter of a small business owner whose company made outdoor cooking equipment, Preau was no stranger to the food business, or jambalaya, which she grew up cooking in her Dad’s cast iron pots. Now she can be recognized by her signature fork earrings that are highlighted in a caricature on all of Jambalaya Girl’s products.

To celebrate the place she proudly calls home, Jambalaya Girl shares her taste of New Orleans with a line of easy to prepare food products that are inspired by the Preau Family’s recipes. From her Mom’s gumbo and Dad’s jambalaya to everyday dishes, seasoned New Orleans style, Jambalaya Girl’s products are all about the FLAVOR!. All products are proudly made in New Orleans with the finest ingredients and are specially blended by Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends.

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