Get New Orleans Cookin’ Again: The 2005 Tailgating Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief January 24 2011

The concept of Cook Me Somethin’ Mister New Orleans style food mixes and outdoor cooking equipment started with a tailgating fundraiser for UNO Athletics following Hurricane Katrina. At the time, Kristen Preau was an employee of UNO Athletics and was challenged to raise money for a displaced and devastated program.  With her family’s business also on the verge of closing its doors, Kristen joined her family and colleagues in creating a tailgating fundraiser called “Get New Orleans Cookin’ Again!” that would raise awareness for her family business and raise money for UNO Athletics. Starting in September of 2005, the Preau family traveled with representatives from UNO to eight universities across the country during football season to tailgate and serve Paul Preau’s jambalaya from his Cast Iron Pots in return for donations to the Privateer Athletic Foundation. The campaign raised nearly $100,000 for UNO Athletics and opened the door for a new opportunity for the Preau family.

Five years later, the Preau family has created Paul’s delicious jambalaya recipe into a dry mix that is now being packaged and sold as Cook Me Somethin’ Mister Jambalaya Mix. They have also launched a new product for the tailgating market with a line of painted and logoed aluminum pots called, FAN POTS. More information on the Preau’s products and business is available at

Today, Kristen has since joined the family business and is enjoying her new title as the “Jambalaya Girl!” She works together with her dad, Paul, and brother, Kevin, in their New Orleans office promoting Cook Me Somethin’ Mister Jambalaya Mix alongside ADGAS Outdoor Cooking Products. Paul’s wife, Karen, continues to show her support by attending tailgating events, cooking at demos and making bowls of the family’s Jambalaya for fans. Her company title is “Jambalaya Mom.”