Cook Me Somethin’ Mister Introduces a New Brand of New Orleans Food Products in Gulf Coast Region January 24 2011

Created from a New Orleans family recipe, Cook Me Somethin’ Mister’s dry Jambalaya mix is packed with flavor and New Orleans spices.  The Jambalaya mix is the first in a line of food products by Cook Me Somethin’ Mister, a brand that captures the essence of New Orleans food and culture.

“Unlike other Jambalaya mixes, Cook Me Somethin’ Mister does not have to be doctored-up.  We have added all the seasoning and vegetables to the rice mix, so all the cook needs to do is add the meat and the water then focus on the party” says president, Kristen Preau.

Cook Me Somethin’ Mister’s ingredients contain: rice, New Orleans seasonings and dried vegetables including dried onions and bell peppers. One serving contains 60% of the total daily requirement of Vitamin C.  It does not contain any MSG, cholesterol or Trans fat.  The mix is available in two sizes. The 20oz “Party Size” feeds 8 – 10 entree size portions and the 8oz “Lil’ Party Size” serves 4 entree size portions.  The mix is available at or atselect locations.  Instructions for cooking in a 4 gallon pot are included on the packaging.

Cook Me Somethin’ Mister Jambalaya was first created by Paul Preau with the help of Joe Cahn, the original founder of the New Orleans School of Cooking, now “The Commissioner of Tailgating.” For years, Preau would cook the Jambalaya to demonstrate the grills and cast iron cookers for his gas grill and outdoor cooker company, ADGAS. At the demos, the viewers were always impressed with the equipment, but even more so with the Jambalaya.  In 2008, New Orleans Chef George Rhode encouraged Preau to develop a dry mix for retail.  With Chef George’s guidance, Preau’s original recipe is now blended as Cook Me Somethin’ Mister Jambalaya and is packaged by Magic Seasoning Blends owned by New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhomme.

Cook Me Somethin’ Mister, LLC offers a New Orleans style brown Jambalaya Mix that includes the vegetables, seasoning and rice in one bag. Cook Me Somethin’ Mister was featured on The Food Network’s show, Tailgate Warriors with Guy Fieri on November 3, 2010. It is sold in the Gulf Coast region with plans to expand distribution nationally. Entrepreneur, Kristen Preau is the president of Cook Me Somethin’ Mister and locally known as “Jambalaya Girl.”