Jambalaya Girl Yellow Rice Seasoned Rice Blend, 8 oz (4 pack) • Gluten Free • Seasoned with Turmeric

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  • NEW ORLEANS SEASONED RICE BLEND: Rice is BLENDED with seasonings and vegetables for the most consistent flavor in every bite.

  • EASY TO PREPARE: Just add water. Or add chicken for a New Orleans style Chicken & Rice.

  • GLUTEN FREE: No Artificial Flavors, No MSG Added, No Certified Colors.

  • MANY WAYS TO COOK IT: In addition to the stove top instructions included on the box, the Yellow Rice Blend can also be prepared in an Instant Pot, Crock Pot, Rice Cooker, Pressure Cooker, in the microwave or in the oven.

  • SEASONED WITH TURMERIC: Package includes rice, seasonings and hearty dehydrated vegetables.

  • VEGETARIAN: There are no meat products in the Yellow Rice Blend and the Blend tastes great as a vegetarian dish! Try it with stuffed bell peppers, rice and beans or as a seasoned side rice dish.

  • FULLY BLENDED: Every grain of rice has seasoning on it, no clumps. Consistent flavor in every bite. Cook a little or cook the whole bag!

  • MORE FLAVOR, LESS HEAT: New Orleans cooking to us is about the FLAVOR, not the heat. That’s why our blends have more ingredients for a rich flavor and don’t taste as salty or as spicy as other box mixes. There is a delicate kick of heat, however it won’t burn your mouth. And for the heat lovers out there – you can always kick it up with a spicy sausage or hot sauce!

  • KID APPROVED: The heat is mild and kid friendly and kids love this stuff! Our mixes are a “Favorite Thing” of Mom’s Blogs across the country.

  • RECIPE IDEAS: Arroz con pollo; Yellow Rice Casserole; Paella

  • MORE REAL VEGETABLES: Includes hearty dehydrated vegetables you can see and taste, we’ve already “doctored it up” with the “New Orleans trinity” of vegetables for you!

  • ELEVATING THE BOX MIX CATEGORY: “A rich stock can make the difference between a good dish and a fantastic one.” – Chef Paul Prudhomme; Jambalaya Girl’s blended box mixes include a rich stock for a fantastic flavor.

  • 1 – 8 oz package makes 5 – 8 oz servings